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Who we are

Bonidé projects is a Mechanical Engineering company located in Israel.
We specialize in Design, Development and Manufacturing for a variety of industries.

Bonide incorporates engineers with extensive experience in planning, developing and manufacturing for industries such as Aeronautics, Renewable Energy and Multi-Disciplinary projects that integrate Robotic systems.


Owner & Founder

Tomer Barazani, Mechanical Engineer B.Sc., specializes with mechatronics.
Established the company of Bonide projects at 2012.
Gained his experience with the Renewable Energy industry,
and has several years of experience with the Aeronautics industry.

“We at Bonidé are exposed to diverse and challenging projects,
and by that we fullfill our engineering abilities and our great passion for innovation”


Bonide holds business relations with the highest caliber of manufacturers employing some of the most advanced production technologies.
We manufactures and supplies parts, complex and simple made for clients from the Aerospace, Robotics,
Medical Equipment, Hi-Tech industry and many more.

Bonide takes pride in providing our clients with personal and close attention.
Among our array satisfied customers you can find high-end metal and machining manufacturers.
The high Quality of the work, the required supporting Documents, Delivery Time and of course Unbeatable Prices has helped us develop positive business relations resulting in an increased volume of work for any enterprise, while maintaining the quality and continuity of work.

Using these capabilities Bonidé ensures that our customers receive:

  • High quality product
  • Fast response to their needs
  • The Most attractive price