CNC precision parts

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CNC & Machinery Manufacturing

Bonidé has invested many resources in creating business relationships with high quality manufacturers.
These manufacturers were hand-picked after strict quality control procedures and compliance with our
methods of production.
Bonide manufactures and supplies parts simple or complex with the most advanced technology suited to your parts.
We study the part complexability and offers the best production method that will reach the highest quality
with the best price.

*   CNC and Machining.                    *   Sheet Metal.
*   Turning Key Parts.                        *   EDM.
*   Die Casting & Sand Casting.     *   Molds and more.

QC & Production Process Control

Bonide maintains constant monitoring of the production process and performs routine inspections
to ensure our standards of quality are met.
We produce the ‘Production Process Control’ report to the manufacturer, and by that we make sure
the QC is going to be an easy process at the end of the project.

We give our clients a full production options:

                    °  Complex parts with high tolerance requirements (±0.001).
                    °  Prototypes Manufacturing.
                    °  Mass production – the ability of 1,000+ units a month.
                    °  All kinds of Metals – Aluminum, SS, Copper, Titanium and more.
                    °  Plastic Parts – Delrin, Nylon, ABS and more.
                    °  Hardening, Anodize, Plating.

Bonidé gives a full manufacturing services with the Highest Quality and the Best Prices.

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