Mechanical Design

 provides a full and extensive response for planning and development of Mechanical Design systems.

Our engineering knowledge and experience help lower the costs significantly and lead to manufacturing better products.

We believe that meeting with our clients on a regular basis, understanding the requirements and priorities
along our professional engineering view is critical to ensure the success of the project.

Bonide has a working Method for Mechanical Design projects.
Using this Method we supply a full package at the end of the project:

  • Mechanical Design with 3D engineering program.
  • Material selection, testing, analyzing and simulation to parts and assemblies.
  • Optimizing parts according to requirements (design, weight etc.).
  • Choosing the best production method for the project parts.
  • Manufacturing a prototype, Samples, Mass production –
    Precision Machining and CNC, Milling, Turning, Sand Casting / Die Cast, Sheet metal etc. .
  • Full product book including Drawings and 3D files.

Bonide will make your Good Ideas into a Real Working Product ready to Break in the Market.

Aurtopedic Surgery Drill

This Drill is designed to work on live paitients, and can make a turn inside the bone.
The Drill is of 1 mm square.
Special and innovative mechanism design.

Amusment Park Cart

Special and unique amusment park device.
The cart is planned for 4 passengers, that will travel on elipsa shape rail.
This project is working and kids are enjoying the ride.