Mechanical Plan and Design Projects

All Mechanical Plan and Design Projects require the skillset and expertise of seasoned engineering professionals to ensure quality results as expected by the customer, project sponsor and stakeholders.

Experienced mechanical engineers are able to develop mechanical plan and design projects in different areas or industries.
Some of them include Aeronautics, Renewable Energy, Hi-tech Robotic Systems, Medical Equipment, Multidisciplinary Projects, among others.

As in any other project, the project team will have to perform a series of activities that are necessary for a successful delivery of results.

In a mechanical plan and design project we can find these activities include:

  • Mechanical engineering calculations, including solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, heating and cooling loads, among others. These will depend on the specific requirements of the project.
  • 3D modeling of the parts and assemblies by using 3D engineering programs.
  • Material selection to optimize both the manufacturing process and the characteristics of the product in accordance to the requirements establish at project initiation.
  • 2D drawing of the parts and assemblies, that contains all requirements such as dimensions and tolerances, surface finish, coating and painting among others.
  • Prototypes production to conduct testing, analysis and assessment on the possible outcomes of the project with the purpose of making the necessary adjustments to match the quality requirements of the project.
  • In some cases, prototyping may not be a good option due to time and budget.
    Then, simulations are performed by using engineering simulation programs to test, analyze and assess the parts and assemblies of the project.

There are more activities that are not mentioned in the list above.
Of course, some activities are going to be very specific for the project being developed.

Here you are just getting an overview of what mechanical plan and design projects involve and what you should expect from them.
If you want to go deeper, get in touch and let our experts help you.