Reverse Engineering

provides Reverse Engineering services.
We follow the project from the point of receiving the samples to the final point of serial production.

Reverse Engineering projects are very interesting with so many details hidden from the eye.
Every project has its priorities and requirements according to the developer eye.
Choosing Better Materials, Advanced Production Technology and Different Point of Engineering View,
we can achive a Better Product and lower the Costs significantly.

Bonide projects has a working method for Reverse engineering projects.
Using this method we supply a full package at the end of the process:

  • Modeling the project parts using Computerized Measuring Machine – CMM.
  • Material, Hardness and Plating examination (international material lab).
  • Full product book including Drawings and 3D files.
  • Manufacturing a prototype, Samples, Mass production –
    Precision Machining and CNC, Milling, Turning, Sand Casting / Die Cast, Sheet metal etc. .
  • Samples and Serial production.

Bonidé beleives that Reverse Engineering is an opportunity making a working product to a Better Advanced New Product.

Jet Engine Assembly Device

Re-Design of Assembly table for Jet Engine company.
The device is planned to hold more then 1000 Kgs, and will be smoothly rotate for easy and fast assembly of the engine.
Manufacturing and Assembled more the 200 different parts into a perfectly working product.